January Ideas

January Quilt


Penguin Glyph 



 3Bears Glyph




Two innovations on Snowmen at Night.


We used interactive writing to make words for our theme word wall.

An innovation on Grizzly and the Bumble Bee

TLC Bear

TLC Martin Luther King Jr.

For the new year, the children bring in baby pictures.  They have to guess who is who.

1st Grade writing.  If I lived in a snow globe. . .

Be like a daddy penguin.  Carry the egg on your feet.   

Penguin reports.

Door decorations based on A Pocket for Corduroy

After reading A Pocket for Corduroy, we have "Pocket Day!"  The kids wear as many pockets as they can.  This is Luke with 186 pockets!

Later in the month, parents are invited to our "Teddy Bear Picnic" where the children bring their favorite Teddy Bear, sing sweet Teddy Bear songs and have a picnic lunch!

This is our invitation to the Picnic.

An innovation on Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

"Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?  I see 9 feather buttons sewn on me."

The children worked in pairs to make their bears.

We use this map to go on a bear hunt!  We find a bear (stuffed Teddy Bear) and he has bags of Honey Combs for each child.

Snowman Glyph